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A blog that showcases my love of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Horror genre’s - It’s full of reviews, interviews, plus the odd occasional musings both on the mainstream and the more obscure fair! Supporting British productions and the independent-minded. The RSS feed widget below displays all of the latest blog entries from 5D's Blogspot, clicking on any of entries will take you to straight my Blogspot website where you can view the article in all its glory.

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A bit About Me

Old enough to know better but too stupid to care. A child of the 1970's and a Geek well before it was cool to be one.
Currently getting away with lecturing in college until I'm inevitably found out for the fraud that I am.

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The 5D. Blog

I started my blog via Blogger way back in 2012. It began as some half-hearted general musings of often maligned genre's.
It has now morphed into something else entirely, with reviews, interviews and dealing with many creative individuals of independent productions.

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My Work

This website acts as a hub for the information on my blog which is intended to be viewed as a showcase for my love of Sci fi, Fantasy and Horror. All requests for reviews or promotion of films, books - in fact any format - will be equally considered for inclusion in the Fifth dimension.

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How to Contact Me

I can be reached in a multitude of ways: by the contact form at the bottom of this website or via the Social network icons at the very bottom of this page.

I can also be contacted via my blog directly by Clicking Here

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5D. Competition

Competition Time! 5D works closely with a variety of people from organisations big and small. These people often send me presents to have a look at which allows me to offer my readers the opportunity to get their hands on some great swag. You can win by answering the question and putting your answer into the box in the form below. Please don't forget to include your contact email address or your submission won't be counted.

Please read the following before entering:

→ Only submissions made through this page will be counted

→ Postage fees may apply if you live way out in the sticks

→ Include your email or your submission will not be counted

→ If you're happy with the above, continue reading...

The Spiel

8fifty2 have generously offered up an original print of a Star Wars AT-AT as a 5D competition prize.

Not only will the winner receive an A3 size glossy print of the image you see below, but picture will also be personalised with whatever text the winner wants included in the final product - not bad eh? The text in question can be absolutely anything you want - it could be your name, or somebody else's name with a message if you want to send it as a present. It can be anything, as long as you keep the message relatively clean, more or less inoffensive and hopefully unlikely to get me into any trouble with the law authorities.

For the chance to win this wonderful piece of original art just answer this one question;

What was the alternative tutorial choice to the AT-AT?

The answer can be found by clicking the link to the first of the 8fifty2torials Star Wars AT-AT tutorials here. The answer can be found by listening to the tutorial narrative.

Click Here to Enter

The winner will be chosen by one of the 8fifty2 on Sunday 30th April. Good luck!

Competition Closed


Competition Entry

Please use correct contact information

5D. Media

Sometimes I am asked to take a look at DVD's, Videos online, Images, Books and even dragged onto various radio shows for interviews. The Media allows me to share some of my favourites again. Below you will find an images gallery containing stills and imagery from my favourite films, video of upcmoming releases and local radio interviews.

Listen to radio interviews by clicking play below. More to come!

Contact 5D.

5D always wants to hear from you, contact 5D for reviews, updates, links and requests. You can contact 5D easily, you can add your email address and your message below or use the facebook/twitter button to find me on social media.