Competition Time! 5D works closely with a variety of people from organisations big and small. These people often send me presents to have a look at which allows me to offer my readers the opportunity to get their hands on some great swag. You can win by answering the question and putting your answer into the box in the form below. Please don’t forget to include your contact email address or your submission won’t be counted.

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Win a package of 5D goodies!

5D are delighted to be able offer up a goody package thanks to the generosity of the creators themselves!

Author Jim Alexander has offered a signed copy of his latest thriller, Good Cop. His latest book is the  blistering follow-up to GoodCopBadCop – though rest assured that this book can easily be enjoyed on a stand-alone basis. In Good Cop Detective Inspector Brian Fisher seeks to put the past behind him and free himself from his ‘Bad Cop’ persona once and for all. But it’s not easy to turn your back on a dark history of depravity and violence. Fisher is about to discover his inner demons won’t let go without a fight.

Author Jan Domagala has offered up a copy of his sci-fi novel OMEGA. On a mission to capture a terrorist cell Matt Hawk, who we first saw in Ronin, and a group of Recon Delta marines led by Colonel De Boer, find more than they bargained for. This led to their first contact with an insidious group that had infiltrated all walks of life including even the protector of the Colonel Confederation itself, Col Sec. 

On their return to Earth they realize the situation is far more dangerous than they could ever imagine. Narrowly evading death at the hands of their enemy, Matt finds himself in a race to learn the truth. Revelations unfold as Matt and those at Col Sec fight for survival until the truth is finally revealed and he faces the head of OMEGA. Can Matt win this deadly battle against an enemy who could be anyone, even your best friend? This second book in the thrilling Col Sec series picks up the pace from Ronin and Hurtles the reader at breakneck pace toward a shocking climax. However, once again rest assured that this book can easily be enjoyed on a stand-alone basis. 

Aim Publicity have kindly offered up a Blu-Ray copy of The Walking Dead:World Beyond, a new series exploring the lives of four teenagers raised in a post-apocalyptic world. The Walking Dead: World Beyond arrived on Blu-ray, DVD and digital 11 October 2021, courtesy of Acorn Media International

Set in Nebraska, 10 years after the zombie apocalypse, smart high school student Iris Bennett (Aliyah Royale – The Red Line, War Paint), and her rebellious adopted sister Hope (Alexa Mansour – Unfriended: Dark Wed, Loco Love), are forced to set off on a dangerous journey, along with two friends, the intellectual Elton Ortiz (Nicolas Cantu – The Good Place, The Powerpuff Girls) and a shy transfer student with a mysterious, violent past,Silas Plaskett (Hal Cumpston – Bilched, Nine Perfect Strangers).

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