5D Podcast – Ep 137: I want a Grogu & I want one now!

In the main section this week, your hosts Stuart and Zack talk about Zack finally catching up with the magnificent 2nd season of the Star Wars TV spin-off, The Mandalorian – & spoiler alert, he loved it! As well as that there’s chat about the latest Netflix movie addition with Anthony Mackie starring in the action sci-fi Outside the Wire. Oh, there’s also chat about how we seem to be the only people in the world not really connecting with WandaVision so far!

In addition there’s a varied edition of the 5DNEWS concerning the return of the Podcast Special because………..

We at 5D are delighted to have the opportunity to talk on later this week with actor Faran Tahir. Tahir began his professional acting career in 1989, with a minor role in the show Midnight Caller. After that, he has appeared in TV shows like 24, 12 Monkeys, Law & Order, Alias, NYPD Blue, The West Wing, Lost and Dallas…… & much more!

Aside from TV, he has appeared in films such as The Jungle Book, Picture, Charlie Wilson’s War, Iron Man (2008), Star Trek (2009) and Escape Plan.

If you would like us to ask him a question or make a point on your behalf in the interview then just write it here and we’ll try to include it (& give you a shout-out in the process)!

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There’s also more movie release delays for the Bond film and Quiet Place 2 plus chatter about a new Game of Thrones prequel potentially in the works.

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