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Take a look at some of the Call of Cthulhu community releases that caught our eager eye this week…….. btw, my eye is firmly fixed on getting hold of a certain Legacy of Lombard House…..


Blight at Gold Bluff



The village of Gold Bluff has seen better days, but in the last week, there has been little or no contact with the people there. Whether the investigators are just travelers who stumble across the village where people seem to be disappearing, or whether they are there to find a friend who seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth, the people of the village desperately need help before they all vanish.

Blight at Gold Bluff is a Down Darker Trails scenario set in the tiny village of Gold Bluff in 1883. The scenario requires the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Handbook and Down Darker Trails, but can be played sufficiently without the latter.

Blight at Gold Bluff was originally written as a one-shot scenario that ended up lasting four game sessions. It can be adapted as a convention scenario and played in under four hours only with serious cutting by the Keeper. The players take the parts of people who may or may not yet know each other who have come to Gold Bluff for various reasons.


Blight at Gold Bluff includes:

– A 62-page fully-illustrated scenario set in Gold Bluff, California, in 1883.

– Information on California, Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, Gold Bluff, and other towns and villages in the vicinity.

– Seven fleshed-out NPCs who might help or hinder the investigators.

– A new Lesser Old One and her servants and minions.

– Two new spells relating to the new Lesser Old One and the creatures that follow her.

– Maps of California and Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, as well as a maps of Gold Bluff for the Keeper and players.

– General plans of the two-masted iron screw steamship Arachne.

– Six handouts with clues to what happened in Gold Bluff.

– NPC and investigator portraits to share with the players.

– Four pregenerated Down Darker Trails investigators.

– A high resolution map and two lower-resolution maps of California in 1883.

– Two public domain sound effects files.


Blight at Gold Bluff can be found here at DriveThruRPG


The Legacy of Lombard House


November 1925, A letter informing you of an old acquaintances death and your invite as a beneficiary to his Yorkshire estate, are only the opening chapter of a long and immersive story.

From a 1st Class train journey, to being alone on the Yorkshire moors, this Call of Cthulhu scenario offers many rabbit holes, to explore, or fall down.

Murder, intrigue, smuggling, occultism and more awaits all who dare attend the reading of Edward Lombard’s Will.

Ideal for both newcomers to Call of Cthulhu, (from delving in dungeons) to veteran players. This scenario offers many challenges : puzzles, role-playing, chases, and combat. When teamwork is the only way to succeed, against the most insidious Horrors. Discover the Legacy of Lombard House and denizens of the English, North Yorkshire Coast…… if you can keep your Sanity!


For 2-7 Players. 5 to 8 play sessions

104 pages of creeping horror

Dozens of detailed locations
15 Adversaries including a unique new entity
8 Pregen Investigators.
Full stats for many NPCs in the area
110 Full colour illustrations by the Author

17 Pages of Handouts

****** PLUS FREE BONUS ******

BOGGLE HOLE ASYLUM Expansion. Can be run as a bonus one shot in the same sandbox, with a colliding climax to both adventures, that together create a surprise origin story.

Includes 20 asylum inmates outlines and staff.

+ Special Guest StarAppearance

This mini campaign has taken 2 years of play testing with different groups to perfect. A labour of love by the author, who also endeavoured to illustrate the scenario in full, for the benefit of Keepers and players. With an aim to make a top quality publication. The area used in the adventure is real and easily googled for more detail, if required. The game requires the CoC Keepers Handbook to play classic but will also run well with PULP Cthulhu.


The Legacy of Lombard House can be found here at DriveThruRPG


The Night Haunt


Something’s wrong with the Duplantier house. House folk is suffering from nightmares and unrest from strange noises in the night. Now Duplantier family has decided to put an end to this.

But ending things are not always easy if a painting is involved by Ferdinand Hodler and H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands has something to do with this.


The Night Haunt can be found here at DriveThruRPG