Carbyne Jungle: The New TTRPG…..Support their Kickstarter & enter the new 5D Competition

A little background pre-amble…….

Just a few days ago there I was, simply minding my own sweet business perusing a selection of websites (hey behave, nothing nefarious………at least not on this occasion) when I received the following Twitter message from Nor Cal Mythos Entertainment (NCM), a gaming/literature company based out of the city of Salinas, California.

” Hi there Stuart, I won’t make a habit of this, but I wanted to let you know about our kickstarter for our tabletop roleplaying game Carbyne Jungle. We’ve been working on this game for years and it is finally ready. 

The Kickstarter is underway and we have a ton of options that we think you will like. Please check it out, and if you are interested in picking up a copy that’s awesome.”

Well do you know something my dear 5D followers? I read the spiel about the game and was genuinely blown away. Not only was I interested in the game itself, but it also seemed to me that this was a perfect opportunity to once again bask in the glory of others far more creatively talented than myself. In other words, I wanted in on the action.

This meant two things; firstly a bit of a promotion for the KICKSTARTER campaign for the game; secondly to put together a bit of a 5D Competition. But first…… a little bit about the game itself.

So what is Carbyne Jungle?

Nor Cal Mythos is a startup game design company. In Carbyne Jungle, we created a game system designed around everything we love in RPGs.

StoryCarbyne Jungle takes place in an expansive universe filled with fantasy and sci-fi elements, a deep backstory, and a rich setting filled with quest seeds to get games going.

 Options: Our characters are completely customizable. Choose between hundreds of options of backgrounds for millions of possible combinations of abilities. 

 Fun: We designed our game engine with three styles of gameplay for players of all skill levels, all of which can be played simultaneously. Beginners can join right into the game using a simple ruleset and not miss out on any of the fun as they learn the Stock or Strategic rules.

 Unique Gameplay: In addition to  traditional roleplaying, we have an autorun game for times when no one wants to GM, and a card system to assist in gameplay and in creating random dungeons. Not only that, but we built an amazing combat system that really gets players into the game.

 Game Decks: Our game decks make playing simpler, are used for the Flip N Fight rule set that allows brand new gamers to jump into the RPG, and also for premade games that the entire gaming group can play. Those decks can also then be shuffled in to create random quests for players.

The Kickstarter goodies….

NCM have put together a min-boggling array of enticing pledge reward goodies as part of their Kickstarter campaign. You can start off by pledging $5 or more, which will will make you a Metropolis Citizen and means that name will be listed in the Carbyne Jungle Core Rules books as a supporter. You will also receive supporter only Digital Editions of the Play test, Rule set Cheat sheets, and Character Sheet all in PDF form

Along the way there are a plethora of other pledge titbits finishing off with a $500+ pledge which gets you a Zero Session and then a one shot with one of the creators of Carbyne Jungle! You get a party pack of PDFs to get your whole party playing, and then they will set up a streamed Zero session to get your party ready to play! Then, they will run a streamed one shot with you!

In fact there are far too many to list right here, but if you go to the crowdfunding page RIGHT HERE you can see for yourself the options for where to pledge that hard-earned cash of yours. If your cash isn’t actually hard-earned, but instead the result of some ill-gotten gains….well even better, pledge away!………not that I’m condoning using stolen money to finance one’s crowdfunding geeky ways……..obviously.

The 5D Competition

The lovely people at Nor Cal Mythos have generously agreed to offer up a package deal as a 5D Prize. To enter, simply go to the Competition page on here and go for it!


Just in case you didn’t know, but the Podcast page of the 5D website now has direct links to our Apple, Spotify & YouTube outlets. So you can choose which format you would like to download the episodes on……all downloads, subscriptions etc are very much welcome!