Chains of Asmodeus: Now Available in Print & Roll20


Extended campaign with an adventure on every level of the Nine Hells!

24 maps with Dynamic Lighting and pre-placed Tokens to reduce DM prep!

Random Encounter Rollable Tables accessible with just a single click in the VTT covering every corner of the Nine Hells, with 50+ interesting conflicts and opportunities for your party to explore.

Drag-and-Drop over 190 monsters straight into the action without having to worry about entering stats!

Enjoy custom tokens created directly from the book’s art!


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Arcanum Worlds Presents: Chains of Asmodeus

Chains of Asmodeus is a 286-page source book and adventure for the Nine Hells written by legendary game designer James Ohlen (Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age: Origins) and award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky (Children of Time, The Tiger and the Wolf, The Doors of Eden). This book is beautifully illustrated with haunting art from Sergei Sarichev, Sergey Musin, Julian Calle, Sebastion Kowoll, Paul Adams, Luis Lasahido, and the Aaron Sims Company.



Travel through the Nine Hells to save your soul in this tome that includes:

50+ High Challenge Monsters

Stat Blocks for Asmodeus, Lord of the Nine, and all major Archdevils

20+ Infernal Magic Items

New Item Corruption Mechanic

Details on all Layers of the Nine Hells, with Beautifully Illustrated Maps created by John Stevenson (not included seperatly)

A Fiendish Adventure for Levels 11-20


Chains of Asmodeus | Roll20 is available now here at DriveThruRPG

Chains of Asmodeus | PDF + PoD + Roll20 [BUNDLE] is available now here at DungeonMastersGuild


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