Check out the 14 Booby Traps From Home Alone


Home Alone is a classic for a reason. Even in 2020, the 30th anniversary of the movie, people are going to be watching this movie with their family during the holiday season. One of the reasons for the lingering interest in this movie is the wacky booby traps that Kevin lays down throughout the movie. Here’s a rundown of the 14 booby traps that Kevin lays all around the McCallister family’s home.

● BB Gun

First and foremost, Kevin attempts to use his BB gun to scare the bandits off. He just shoots them through the doggy door. This is probably the most straightforward booby trap that Kevin lays.

● Icy Front Steps

Kevin attempts to use the cold Chicago winter to his advantage by spreading water all over the front steps of the home. It freezes almost immediately, and as Harry attempts to make his way to the door, he slips all over the steps.



● Icy Basement Steps

The basement steps also get a heavy dose of water. Marv arguably gets it worse than Harry in this regard; he slips on the first step and falls all the way down the steps in a spectacular fall that could have easily proved damaging.

● Fake Lightbulb

After righting himself again, Marv makes his way into the basement. He sees the switch above his head and pulls it, assuming it to be an overhead light. However, it’s actually connected to an iron; the iron falls down the laundry chute and hits Marv’s head.

● Red-Hot Doorknob

Harry is still at the front door and attempts to make his way into the home just by opening the door. However, Kevin has heated the doorknob from the inside. The red-hot metal burns the “M” monogram into Harry’s hand as a brand.



● Tar-Covered Basement Steps

Marv now attempts to get up into the rest of the home using the interior basement steps. However, Kevin has covered these steps in tar. He loses his shoes and socks, then steps on a nail barefoot, causing him to fall back down the steps.

● Blowtorch

As Harry realizes he’s not going to be able to get into the home through the front door, he naturally attempts to do so through the back door. Opening the door lights a blowtorch, which sets Harry’s head on fire.

● Chicken Suit

The “chicken suit” trap is one of the more elaborate ones in the movie. Essentially, Harry first walks into plastic wrap with caulking glue all over it. Then, he accidentally trips a fan, which blows feathers all over him.



● Christmas Ornaments

Marv attempts to climb into the home through one of the back windows, assuming it’ll be an easier entrance than the doors. However, Kevin has put glass Christmas ornaments all over the floor, which Marv steps onto with his bare feet.

● Toy Cars

Harry and Marv meet back up inside the home and attempt to climb up the stairs to find Kevin. However, Kevin has put a bunch of toy cars all over the floor at the bottom of the stairs. They slip and fall.

● Paint Cans

The burglars recover just enough to try and climb up the stairs again. However, Kevin has tied paint cans to the top railing and throws them over, hitting both burglars in the face.



● Tripwire

Once Harry makes it up to the top of the stairs, he lunges for Kevin. However, Kevin has tied up a tripwire, causing the bandit to trip over it.

● Tarantula

Marv attempts to attack Kevin, but Kevin throws his brother’s tarantula at him. This pet tarantula may not have been a planned booby trap, but he was still effective.

● Rope to the Treehouse

Lastly, Kevin attempts to escape to the treehouse, which connects to the rest of the home with a simple rope. As Marv and Harry attempt to chase him, he snips the rope with pruning shears, causing them to swing into the home’s brick wall.

Which booby trap is your favorite? Talk about it with your friends and family when you watch the movie this Christmas season.