Cthulhu Maps – Beyond the Mountains of Madness – Maps Pack

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Hello, lovecraft universe worshippers.


You will find in this Huge Pack (1,9 Go) a large content for the Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign:

• 80 different Maps and their variations (GRID or GRIDLESS) in Jpeg and WebP-lower file size. You can print them out to play at a table or use them on a Virtual Tabletop.

• The Title Page

• 3 landing pages

 Creatures tokens

 Immersive Handouts (english & French)



And to download for free (see inside the User Manual):

• +200 NPC’s tokens for this campaign

• 34 NPC’s summary cards

• 24 Pre-made Player Tokens

• Frames to make your own tokens


Cthulhu Maps – Beyond the Mountains of Madness – Maps Pack is available now here at DriveThruRPG


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