Duglas T Stewart of the BMX Bandits to compose the music for Dreaded Light movie!

It’s official.. the DREADED LIGHT Composer is Duglas T Stewart of the BMX Bandits!!!


DREADED LIGHT is written and directed by Mark MacNicol. The story, although fictional, is inspired by an encounter Mark’s mother had with a Spiritualist* Medium. This complete stranger told Mark’s mother she had a message from spirit, from her eldest daughter Angela, who was stillborn the year before Mark was born. According to the Medium, Angela wanted Mark to know he has a big sister and guardian angel in the spirit world.


A recently widowed father is struggling to cope with his two teenage daughters following the death of his wife. One daughter has developed a phobia of daylight; the other died when she was a baby.


Writer and director Mark MacNicol has arranged a livestream chat with Duglas on Thursday 30th July at 7pm

Marke will be talking to Duglas about his passion for music in film, why he agreed to score the film, his band the BMX Bandits and any questions you submit via comments section. Also why Kurt Cobain said if he could be in any band other than Nirvana it would be the BMX Bandits. All the online viewing option links are in the eventbrite confirm page.

LINK : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/duglas-t-stewart-dreaded-light-composer-tickets-115113118436?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing


The crowdfunded for Dreaded Light already has a number of backers, but with 21 days to go there is still plenty of chance to get involved 🙂

Here is the link: https://igg.me/at/dreadedlight/x/4721602#/