Dungeoncaster Open Source RPG Ruleset: 5D Pop Culture Website Pick of the week



Welcome to the latest ’5D Pop Culture Website Pick Of The Week Award’, the opportunity to share something in the world of Pop Culture (usually, but not exclusively RPG-related). This week’s choice falls well and truly within of the RPG universe and will shortly be on my own ’to buy’ list on the DriveThrRPG link below.


And while the ’5D Pop Culture Website Pick Of The Week Award’ may not be; a) The most prestigious award in the TTRPG community, or b) A snappy, concise award title – well, it will be something we take rather seriously at 5DHQ as we fastidiously wade through the plethora of weekly releases.


And while there may be no review, or even more importantly, no prize, there is the knowledge that the winner has our undying love and adoration…..though not in a creepy way, obviously.



Open Source RPG Ruleset for Story-Driven Fantasy

Play any adventure path, campaign, or homebrew setting that fits the swords & sorcery genre.


Setting-agnostic rules with an OSR-style lens for gameplay

Completely functional with any fantasy setting, campaign, or adventure paths

Story-driven mechanics that focus on threats and resolution, not on tactical play

Rules for journeys and overland travel

Tons of setting-agnostic worldbuilding tools

Extremely easy system, but with some crunch and advancement

Completely free for use commercially under Creative Commons licensing

Uses lots of polyhedrals!


You can access Dungeoncaster here at DriveThruRPG


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  1. Open Source means that there is a version available at no cost. So where is it?
    If there isn’t a free SRD then the game is not open source.

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