Ep 139: 5D Pop Culture Podcast – Cillian’s in the Co-op I tell you!

My dad always said that it takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong – well Stuart must then be HUGE (behave) because not only is he often wrong but recently he’s been completely way off the mark! We’re talking about him having to reappraise his opinion of WandaVision – because now, five episodes in……..he’s loving it (insert a reference to a particular well-know burger chain as you see fit). Also, in the main review section there’s chat about the new drug cartel series, ZeroZeroZero.

In the 5DNEWS (once the talk about the weather has finished) there’s chat about the latest SpaceX launch, Cillian Murphy being spotted in our part of the world, plus talk about the Sci-fi short film ‘Cognition’. If that was enough there’s also a brief recap of the 5D Podcast Special from last week with actor Faran Tahir.

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