Filmmaker Ryan McCoy & the launch of new media and film production company, RynoRyder Media.

This week in the 5D podcast (naturally, more self-promotion of which will come later in this post, you know me) it was our genuine honour to be sponsored by a brand new media & film production company, Rynoryder Media. The company – whose debut feature begins filming in Los Angeles in September 2020 is headed by screenwriter, producer, director & author Ryan McCoy.

Now, when I say that this is a ‘brand new media & film production company’, well it literally is just that. The official worldwide announcement of Rynoryder Media took place just a couple of days ago on March 28th 2020. Yes, yes……..I know what you’re thinking – ‘Just what the hell is going on with you having you finger on the creative pulse for once, rather than being catastrophically behind the curve, and simply hanging on to the the coattails of those far more creative and entertaining than yourself’??!!……

Geez, that’s a little harsh methinks. Harsh but fair perhaps.

So, let me explain because there are essentially two reasons as to why we at 5D became involved;




Firstly, the message that we received a couple of weeks ago From Mr McCoy quite simply peaked our independent-film-supporting interest. The pitch was thus;

I’m an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles.  I am releasing a short film video at the end of the month, via my YouTube channel.  In it, I talk a bit about what I see happening in the industry today, and I tell the story of my horror film I made ten years ago, “Evidence,” how it was copied, and why I will never make a sequel to the film.

My reason for reaching out is I’m wondering if you would like to see the video before I post it, and perhaps run a story about it?  I’d only ask that you wait to post anything until 3/28, as I’m trying to time any press with the announcement I’m making about the formation of my new media and film company, and announcing the production of our first feature, shooting later this year.

I’ve attached a copy of the press release going out next Friday.


So……interest subsequently piqued about the formation of a new media & film company plus the delving into the mind of a creative. Let me send your way the aforementioned press release before we look at reason number two for our involvement;


LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

Screenwriter, producer, director, and author Ryan McCoy has announced the launch of a new media and film production company, RynoRyder Media, with its first feature film, The Ant Hill, to begin filming in the Los Angeles area in September, 2020.

“I’m committed to the same type of innovation and independent spirit that American Zoetrope brought to the industry when it launched in 1969,” McCoy said. “I believe that today, audiences are being fed spectacle over story and structure. While box office results have never been higher, the cost—both in money and integrity—is too great for the current system to correct itself.”

McCoy has been vlogging the entire process of producing The Ant Hill on his RynoRyder Media YouTube channel, where his frustration with the Hollywood system, as well as his passionate devotion to the art of film, are in evidence.

In addition to The Ant Hill, RynoRyder has acquired the rights to the upcoming book, Her Effects, about a couple outside of Seattle, Washington, who have been dealing with their daughter’s drug addiction for over a decade.

“The story takes place in my hometown, and I intend to shine a bright light on the massive drug epidemic there,” he said.

McCoy is the author of Black Angel, a memoir of his struggle with bipolar disorder. “It’s the story of my rebirth and newfound perspective on life,” he says of the disease that affects nearly 6 million American adults.



As Ryan mentioned in his initial contact with us, the announcement of his new company was also accompanied by the release of a video in which the man himself talks about his experiences of the film industry and hopes for the future.

Let me me say this without any sense of hyperbole – but WOW! One of the aims of the video is for him to tell the world exactly what he thinks Hollywood and the film industry from his contemporary view – and boy does he do that as he passionately but calmly details how the film that he made independently, was copied and sold by a Hollywood producer. Ryan wants to ‘stir the pot’ here! The emotion in his voice, his eyes and his poise is palpable and stirring.


However, I don’t want to give you the impression that this is a bitter and negative diatribe, a ‘woe is me’ plea asking the audience to take pity on a poor, mis-treated filmmaker. This is nothing of the sort, because McCoy wants this to be more than just a warning of what not to do in the industry. The intention is to inspire creatives of all types, to light and fan the inspirational flame as it were, so that young/old filmmakers and creatives of all types are not afraid to tell their story. Because we all have a story to tell…..yes, even me.

I have nothing but admiration for Ryan’s show of raw honesty and emotion in the video. I’m not sure if I could ever hold myself up to world in such an upfront and honest fashion – but then again, his level creativity to my own is on another level. I regard myself as merely a little something of a writer, that is all.

This video could early have been a tale of anger and bitterness resulting in the blame being well and truly placed in the hands of others in the industry – and while there is indeed a tale of the misdeeds of others, there is also an admission of an ownership of mistakes and failures of the part of Ryan.

However one thing is certain – he is not afraid of telling his own story…….and it’s a story that looks set to continue.

I wish Ryan and Rynoryder Media all the very best of success in the future.



If you are wise enough to doubt my words of wisdom then you can check out the YouTube video for yourself. It can be found at



If you want to find out more about Ryan McCoy & his new company Rynoryder then you can do so at the following links;



Instagram: @rynoryder

Twitter: @rynoryder

SnapChat: @rynoryder11

TikTok:  @rynoryder


“Apocalypse” Graphic Novel Purchase Link:

Amazon Book Purchase Link:



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This episode of the 5D Podcast was brought to you by Rynoryder Media, the brand new media & film production company headed by Screenwriter, producer, director, and author Ryan McCoy. The first feature film from Rynoryder Media begins filming in the Los Angeles area in September 2020. 

The company is committed to the same type of innovation and independent spirit that American Zoetrope brought to the industry when it launched in 1969. Rynoryder Media  believe that today, audiences are being fed spectacle over story and structure. While box office results have never been higher, the cost—both in money and integrity—is too great for the current system to correct itself.

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