Island in the Stars to begin filming in Australia in 2020

It was back in April 2018 when we featured a review of Trouble is my Business, a rather delicious love letter to classic film noir from writers Thomas Konkle & Brittney Powell – an all round well-crafted and fine interpretation of the genre. The movie looked wonderful, and at times distinctly incredible, in the use of backdrops and overall colour texture providing an array of scenes that are quite simply visually lovely.

And while I’m no expert on 1940’s LA fashion (I missed that class at college) the feel and authenticity of the period costumes seem suitably precise – AND I’m not just talking about the dresses that Brittney Powell wears……

If all that wasn’t enough, the movie also features legendary iconic actor (and friend of 5D), Vernon Wells (Mad Max: Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science, Innerspace).

If you feel so inclined, you can see the full review RIGHT HERE.

So it was with a suitable level of excitement when writer & actor Tom Konkle contacted us at 5D HQ to say that his next movie should be shooting in Australia in 2020.

In Island in the Stars, not only will Vernon Wells be once again starring, but he will also executive produce the film with a mostly Australian cast directed by Thomas Konkle and written / produced by Michael J. Smith and Thomas Konkle.

This time, Tom moves away from classic crime film noir to the world of science fiction.

It is a modern telling of a classic adventure tale which evolves the spirit of mythic stories like Treasure Island.

A young woman, Jacque Hawkins, and her trusted mentors are pulled into a quest  for a fable object on a secret planetoid. They navigate a hazardous route with a band of star pirates led by the treacherous , Argentum (Vernon Wells).

The story is an exotic fresh take on the journey to a treasure only she can find.

We’re hoping to chat with Tom, Vernon and others involved in Island in the Stars sometime soon so we’ll be sure to add them to the website and 5D YouTube channel as soon as they’re done!

BTW……… The latest edition of the 5D Podcast is now available………

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