Neil Johnson to direct Evolution War – (or how I discovered a cure for the common cold)

I think this week I discovered a cure for the common cold. I know you may be thinking that’s a rather grand statement, but let me assure you that I have the empirical evidence to support my assertion. So read on…..

You know me, I’m not one to wallow in the shallow and superficial pool of self-pity, using any vague glint of opportunism to bestow upon the world my tales of self-absorbed existence. Oh, hang on, that’s EXACTLY me…….right? Well let’s just say the past few weeks have been somewhat challenging on the health front with a pesky chest & cold infection which in turn went and annoyingly triggered my labyrinthitis. Of course, I have heroically carried on to the best of my ability with my life as I tackled the unending demands of family, work and life in general with, ahem, barely a word of complaint……. I kid yee not, minstrels will someday travel the land singing their songs of tribute and wonder about me battling through this endless adversity.

However, that was until this week when my body finally succumbed to its inevitable surrender and saw me crawl into my bed whilst mumbling such words as “I just can’t carry on”, “Kill me now” and “Where the hell is all this snot coming from?! As you can imagine, I’m not the best of patients.

You may well be asking yourself just what is the point of these ramblings? – we’ll let me tell you, because two things then took place this week. Not only did my illness mean that I missed some genuinely exciting Sci-fi news announced a few days ago, but also the said news probably overnight cured the worst of my illness when it came to my attention. The amazing fact is, I awoke this morning after reading this news, the jungle drums in my head had finally abated, my nasal passage wasn’t any longer full of 150 gallons of flowing mucus and I no longer had a cough that sounded like a heavily pregnant wild boar. Yes, this news be powerful medicine.

The news that broke this week was that acclaimed Director (and fellow ex-Boscombe boy) Neil Johnson is slated to direct the upcoming Sci-fi feature film, Evolution war later in the year! Blimey, I turn away for a minute (well, a few days) and suddenly one of my favourite directors, together with a group of actors I have been lucky enough to be able to get to know just a little over the last couple of years, have pulled the proverbial fast one with one of the best kept secrets of 2018! 

Those familiar with my ramblings here on the 5D website and the 5D YouTube channel will be fully aware of my love for Neil’s previous Sci-fi feature, the outstanding Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2017). If you wish you can read my musings on the director and his film RIGHT HERE. Thanks to the wonders of the modern technological world I have been lucky enough, via the 5D YouTube channel, to video chat with Neil about his career as a filmmaker. Not only that, but this led to conversations with the extremely talented and ridiculously gorgeous Tracey Birdsall (Sienna from Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter), the fabulous and lovely Marilyn Ghigliotti  (from Neil’s Alien Armageddon and Kevin Smith’s Clerks) as well as the incredible talent herself, the gorgeous Brooke Lewis (Neil’s Starship Rising). Just click on any of those links to get a flavour of these most excellent people.

As yet details of Evolution War’s story are sketchy to say the least. All I know for now is that all the above names are reunited for the film and that Tracey Birdsall plays a character Angel-D with a plot as follows; Angel-D the machine war hero returns to Earth……….discovers humanity has been eradicated by plague……….strange creatures are now controlling the surface of the planet…….our hero Angel-D builds a robot army to battle aforementioned nasty creatures……”

I don’t know about you but that sounds like all sorts of wonderful! If nothing else, it appears to be a cure for the common cold. Which is nice.

I’ll be hoping over the next few months to pester, beg, stalk and beg again (my standard form of professional behaviour) to chat with Neil et al in order to glean more information about Evolution war……so stay tuned.