Preacher Six – FINAL Film campaign!

5D HQ was contacted by actor and all-round cool film guy Kyle Hester this week via our Twitter account (@sturoseheart in case you were wondering) to let us know about the final crowdfunding campaign for his movie, Preacher Six. Now, regular visitors to the site know me very well, if there’s something interesting and potentially successful going on in the world of indie film production then I want to be a part of it – even if it’s only to bask in the secondary glory of being vaguely associated with something great.

Yep, I’ve never been known to pass up such an opportunity, however the project in question always needs to be something that captures my interest. I may sell my soul for money and the ability to buy shiny things in my day job, but when it comes to this promoting of film work, well one has standards you know. No, really, I do…….. So as luck would have it this project is right up this here horror-lover’s street!


Preacher Six has been pitched as an Independent grindhouse action horror film. The ‘Preacher Six’ in question is a small town preacher that is summoned to the big city where he ends up fighting evil in a literal sense! The characters that he meets along the journey are something special and unique! They could all have their own films made about them!


If you like original content that is driven by action and amazing writing you have come to the right place. No remakes, redoos , sequals, do overs for us! Lets take film back!! If you like Quentin Tarantino type films, you will love this one!! “Preacher Six” is like “Taxi Driver” meets “Sin City” meets “The Prophecy”



The previous crowdfunding campaigns have seen money raised to film the first sections of the movie and quite frankly, I have genuinely been impressed with not just the quality of what has been produced, but also in the quality of the cast that Kyle and his team have put together. Check out this stunning list of names……..

Kyle Hester from “The Chair”

Peter Murnuk  from “Justified”

Carmen Argenziano from “Godfather II”…….. that’s right, only Carmen BLOOMING Argenziano!!

Zach Galligan from “Gremlins”

Naomi Grossman from “American Horror Story”

Tomas Boykin from “Voodoo Possession”

David Banks from “Cut”

Lawrence Chau from Ghostly Encounters”

Ezra Buzzington from “Fight Club”

Mary Le Gault from “Death Factory”

Jeremy Fultz from “Zombie With a Shotgun”

Plus many more!!

If you want even more confirmation of what the finished product may be then have a look at the latest promotion video made just this week RIGHT HERE!

So, as I mentioned at the top of this post, Kyle has said that one more push is needed…..

‘Let’s get this film finished!! We have an opportunity to submit our film to the First Glance film festival. We are in a race to finish the film before the cut off. So here we are! We need to film a few more scenes and get it into post production. This all must be finished by December 31st. We need your help! We cannot do this without you. Jump on board! Grab a perk and lets get filming in Arkansas this summer!!!”

The latest crowdfunded for Preacher Six has an appropriately excellent range of rewards and perks. These range from $10 getting you a shout-out on Twitter, $30 getting you a list of perks including a streaming link to the completed film, $100 getting you your name in the credits plus a mention on IMDB and also $1000 getting you an Associative Producer credit and 2 tickets to the LA premier! There are many other perks available, just go to the crowdfunding page RIGHT HERE.


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