Press Release – CONTAINMENT – Worlds First Lockdown Soap Opera

Stay Home. Log On. Zone Out.

Welcome to the world of Containment, the worlds first docu-soap produced entirely in lockdown in the UK. Set during a fictional disaster, the show follows the lives, laughs and loves of an array of fascinating, flawed and funny individuals as they navigate their online personas.

The show stars Anna Maria Everett (The Split, The Durrells, You Me and The Apocalypse) alongside Toby Oliver (Pan, The Split, Black Mirror), Peter Halpin (All In The Method) David Anderson (Survivors, Ouija Sex) Melanie Crossey (Die With Me) James Swain, Abigail King (Imagineer, Like Glass) Emily Christaki and Charly Burridge – Jones (Beyond The Cosmos) alongside a large ensemble cast.

Containment was the brainchild of Anna Oliver, a new and upcoming screenwriter, as she found herself coming to terms with the lockdown in the UK.

‘At the start of the lockdown I found myself skimming over Instagram stories and being drawn in to to see more of what others were up to’ says creator Anna Oliver ‘following the lives of strangers is oddly intriguing and so I wondered if it was possible to tell a story through following social media journals across a fictional event…’

Writer, Theresa Hedges, says of the show ‘being in lockdown hasn’t stymied creativity! With the industry being in limbo, the only way to keep going has been to get small and make it happen…’

Containment will run for a single 20 episode season, concluding online in June 2020 as the stories of our characters come to natural conclusions. There will be shocks, horrors, reconciliations and even a hint of redemption as the arcs come full circle.

‘The goal of the show is to provide a fun slice of entertainment twice a week to people stuck at home during these unprecedented times’, says director Adam Spinks ‘it’s easy to get bogged down in the awful developments that seem to break every day through this Coronavirus crisis, so we wanted to create something with escapism at it’s heart’

New episodes premiere every Tuesday and Friday at 5pm on Youtube.
19th May 2020 – London – UK

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