The Chronicles of Future Earth Player’s Guide


The Chronicles of Future Earth is a cosmic fantasy roleplaying game set in the far, far future of planet Earth. A game of sorcery and demons, fallen civilisations and ancient technologies, monsters, mysteries, and mind-shattering dimensions. This Player’s Guide provides all you need to create and play characters in this fantastic and fascinating world. Together with its companion volumes, the Guide to Future Earth and the Chronicler’s Guide, it uses the Cosmic Fate system, a new incarnation of the Fate Core system, to bring you a deep, original, and action-packed game.


This Player’s Guide contains:

Full rules for play, including actions, combat, advancement, and relationships;

Detailed character generation, with many homelands and kindreds, including the Jeniri “Cousins of Humankind” and the Esteri “Not-Humans of Earth”;

Maps of the Venerable Autocracy and the Provinces of Hivernium;

Rules for magic and mysticism, including cantrips, divine magic, and sorcery;

Detailed equipment lists;

An introduction to the Springtide Civilisations;

And much, much more!



The Chronicles of Future Earth Player’s Guide is available now here at DriveThruRPG


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