The Little Book of GM Gems, Volume 1

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Gamemaster inspirations are precious.  These thirteen articles were written to tease your thinking, make you consider familiar things in new ways, trigger your imagination and bring fresh flavors to your players. 


Explore topics by asking some different questions:

What GM Lessons can you take from the Firefly TV Show?

How does time affect the locations your players venture to?

How can a player get more out of your skills?

How can you make death a more impactful event?

Can you use the intent of an NPC to make better encounters?

Can religion infuse the culture of a place or people more deeply?



Shouldn’t your thief find more interesting things in people’s pockets?

What’s a new technique to bring flavor to your fantasy cities?

Can you help yourself achieve a great campaign?

How do the greatest craftspeople influence your campaign world?

What unique experiences would come from a legendary trade route?

How can you make melees more interesting based on where they occur?

What roles do uniforms play in your campaign world?


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