The Phthonus Cabinet – A Gaslight-era Scenario for Call of Cthulhu

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Jonathan Adley has a problem. Last week, he couldn’t believe his luck when his Auction House in east London broke profit records, largely thanks to an unusually fierce bidding war over an 18th-century ebony cabinet. Yet soon after, Adley was dismayed to find several items delivered to the wrong address, and now the prized cabinet is missing! Worse yet, the winning bidder threatens to sue him into insolvency if he does not produce it within a handful of days. Yet financial ruin may be the least of anyone’s worries, as everyone gets more than they bargained for with The Phthonus Cabinet.


This 70-page scenario has investigators delving into the mysteries of the Cthulhu Mythos in the Limehouse area of East London during the Gaslight Era.



Original Artwork from Paul Carrick and Kyle Burles,

Edited by Leslie “XP Lovecat” Horn.

Six major NPCs amid the sea of humanity of Victorian London’s East End. 

A map of the Limehouse Area of London.

Three detailed locations to explore. 

More than ten immersive handouts.

Three new monsters

A new Mythos Tome and three new spells

Six pregenerated Investigators


This purchase includes:

The entire scenario in both full-color and printer-friendly PDFs.

All handouts as separate graphics and a printer-friendly color PDF.

A separate large-size player map of the Limehouse area of London.

Six pregenerated investigators as separate editable PDFs.


The Phthonus Cabinet – A Gaslight-era Scenario for Call of Cthulhu is available now at DriveThruRPG


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