Welcome to Little Creek  – A Call of Cthulhu scenario

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Hampshire County, June 7, 1920:

Step into the shadows of Little Creek, a remote town hidden deep in the heart of Massachusetts, where mystery and darkness lurk. For 228 years, the federal census bureau has recorded a population count of 321 inhabitants. But with four previous teams of bureau agents vanishing under eerie circumstances, questions arise. Is it pure coincidence, or is there something more sinister at play in Little Creek? Join the latest team of federal agents as they embark on a census evaluation that may reveal more than they bargained for. Will you uncover the dark truths of Little Creek or become lost in its haunting mystery?



This scenario includes:

– 122 page scenario packed with artwork, handouts, maps and timeline

– A classic sand-box environment for several sessions to explore, investigate and frighten your players

– Five pre-generated character sheets 

– 13 NPC + 5 PC original character Art

– 7 amazing scene Art

– One-shot conversion guide

– Keepers’ Guide & Lookup tables with condensed information for easy lookup during play

– Handouts and Maps for the players

– Printer-friendly version of the scenario


Welcome to Little Creek is available here at DriveThruRPG



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