5D Competition: Win 2 tickets for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD™ LIVE !!

For the past few years those pesky Zombies have been everywhere; TV has given us The Walking Dead, Z Nation et al; movies have spawned such classics as Sean Of The Dead, 28 Days later and The Train to Busan as well as some not so great ones (the guilty shall remain nameless). In fact I think it’s safe to say that those pesky Zombies are now everywhere……some of them crawl, some of them stagger and there are even some bloody devious ones that run at full pelt!

Now, I’m no expert (be quiet you there at the back, I’m doing my best!) but I’m rather confident in saying (based on the fact that everyone else does) that one particular movie could lay claim for being the major influence of Zombie-love in modern culture. Of course, there were Zombie films around before George A. Romero’s 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead, however no one can deny the film’s iconic status that almost single-handedly reimagined the contemporary horror movie and using zombies as a complex social narrative. Romero took some familiar themes, such as a disparate group thrown together fighting seemingly insurmountable odds, and wove them into a tapestry of horror which not only shocked audiences on its release but continues to stick and influence both viewers and filmmakers to this day.

So, it would be no surprise that this week I was contacted with the following message;

I am contacting you on behalf of the Producers of “Night of the Living Dead, Live!” which is opening at the Pleasance Theatre, London, from 9th April-19th May.


This is the first ever official adaptation of the 1968 George Romero cult classic film.


Would this thrilling new production be something you are interested in featuring on your site?


Of course I was interested! However some haggling on my part had to take place – after all my time is precious and we are happily inundated with requests and contacts here at 5D headquarters. So it was agreed – thanks to the good people involved in the production 5D would be happy to offer you a pair of tickets for a competition. The tickets are valid until Friday 26th April (excluding 16th April). But more about how you can enter in a moment or two……

Night of the Living Dead™Live had its world premiere in Toronto in 2013 and is the only officially authorised stage production endorsed by the Romero Estate which will come to the UK for the first time this spring.

This new adaptation of Night of the Living Dead™ will be played out on a monochrome set paying homage to the 1968 classic and featuring all the iconic scenes along with an entirely new journey for the beloved characters from the farmhouse in the second act.

A loving, comedic tribute to the world-renowned zombie film, this production skirts the line between the horrific and the hysterical, culminating in a frightening and funny night out.

Audiences can choose to get amongst the gore in one of the special ‘Splatter Zones’or those who prefer to keep zombies at arm’s length can opt for seating in the ‘Supposedly Safe Zones’.



Night of the Living Dead™ Live, the first ever UK stage adaptation and the only officially authorised production based on George A. Romero’s cult zombie classic.


The production, directed by Benji Sperring (The Toxic Avenger: The Musical; Shock Treatment, Valley Of Song) will come to life at Pleasance, London from 9 April to 19 May 2019.

The production stars Ashley Samuels (Ben), recently seen in Fun Home at the Young Vic and Motown the Musical in the West End, in the iconic role of the protagonist, with Jennifer Harding (Helen/Judy)who was named Hello Magazine’s Rising Star of 2018 and received multi-award nominations for her role in The Clockmaker’s Daughter, Marc Pickering  (Harry) best known for playing the young Sheriff Enoch Thompson in Sky Atlantic’s Boardwalk Empire, Mari McGinlay (Barbra) winner of the Young Scottish Musical Theatre Performer of the Year Award, Mike Bodie (Chief McClelland) who has starred in The Comedy About a Bank Robbery and is a creator and founding member of Mischief Theatre,and Tama Phethean (Tom) previously seen at The Globe inThe Great Duke of Florence and The False One.

For a glimpse of some behind the scenes information check out the following video link RIGHT HERE.

If you want to find out more about the production and enquire about ticket availability etc then go to the following Night of the Living Dead™ Live! sources;

Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ website 


The details as to how to enter the competition then go to the competition page of this website.