5D Podcast: Rambo: Last Blood, Final score some 5DNEWS (Including PlayStation, The Walking Dead Comic, Tom Cruise, & Leeds Utd)

In the first of our the two reviews this week Stuart and Zack talk about finally seeing the (possibly) last instalment in the Rambo franchise – Last Blood. We also talk about finally getting to see Dave Bautista’s action flick, Final Score. Yes, yes, yes – I know that these movies have been around for a while but give us a break, we’re busy guys who have lots to do with all sorts of important people! Either that or we’re a bit lazy. The choice is yours.

So in a desperate attempt to be at least slightly more up to date and cutting edged, there’s a fair slice of 5DNEWS cake with some chat about the planned  re-release of The Walking Dead Graphic novels, but now in colour. Also in the comics vein we briefly talk about Keanu Reeves’ plans for his own comic book series. In addition there’s PS5 consol news, Tom Cruise landing his helicopter on a London golf course & news of Netflix’s most  successful movies.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, we also talk about the success of god’s own football team – Leeds United!

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