5D Podcast: Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, Gemini Man + some 5DNEWS.

In the first of our two reviews this week Stuart and Zack talk about the return of Penny Dreadful in the new series, City of Angels.

The 2nd review is the the much anticipated Sci-fi blockbuster, Gemini Man featuring Will Smith. As you’ll hear from him in the podcast, it’s safe to say that it left us less than impressed.

If all that wasn’t enough there’s a fair slice of 5DNEWS cake with some chat about the planned new TV series taking place in the Batman universe and the latest trailer for S2 of The Boys dropping this week. In addition there’s news about the new Far Cry & Assassins Creed games and problems with Amazon’s much vaunted MMO venture.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, we also talk about Zack’s new obsession……books!

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