Aliens of Charted Space Vol. 4 Now Released

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Aliens of Charted Space: Volume Four explores four species within Charted Space – the nature-loving Suerrat, the pacifistic Za’tachk, the mercantile Gurvin, and the xenophobic Tezcat. Within these covers, you will discover the culture and society of these species as well as their physiology, psychology and societies.


The Suerrat are a human subspecies transplanted from Terra to Ilelish by the Ancients. They claim to be a Major Race, as they independently developed interstellar travel based on generation ships but as they had not developed jump technology, others do not accept their claim.


One of the oldest species associated with the Hive Federation, the Za’tachk are a peaceful (some would say cowardly) species. Their natural tendency to structure and organisation have made them invaluable to the Hivers in running the vast bureaucratic machine required for their federation.


The Gurvin are a hexapodal species resembling Terran otters and minks. They were the first sophonts encountered by early Hiver explorers, and their language was adopted as the primary form of communication in the federation. Consummate traders and merchants, the Gurvin are the commercial backbone of the Hive Federation.


A cat-like semi-humanoid species, the Tezcat are violent and warlike, with a xenophobic hatred for any sophont that does not resemble themselves. Much of their history has been marred with war and bloodshed, but through the unification of the Shaper Church, they have established a pocket empire and proven to their neighbours that they are too dangerous to cross.

This book also contains rules for creating Travellers from each species, along with High Guard and Central Supply Catalogue entries.

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