Arcane Armada  – Now Available In Print



Arcane Armada

A Collection of 13 Custom Spelljammer Ships & Full Deck Plans

Phoenix Nebula and Peregine Binary Wildspace system and stat block

3 New Species: Anubians, Astral Spiders & Guardian Warriors

10 new Nebula Monsters

Full map support: 300 ppi print PDFs, 100 ppi VT-ready, 70 ppi Roll20 ready

A 96 page full color supplement that is fully illustrated and mapped (only 9 text only pages…)


D&D Campaign Adventures for Mythic Odysseys of Theros - Available now @ Dungeon Masters Guild



The Phoenix Nebula encompasses a vast region of Wildspace with nutrient rich dust, illuminated gases, it’s own winds and storms blowing in the dust. Avoided by most sane Spelljammer pilots. This is a place where outlaws, pirates, secretive peoples and organizations hiding from the rest of society go to escape pursuers. The nebula forms a wilderness region in open space with it’s own ecosystem. Inside is the Peregrine Binary Star system with many inhabited planets and moons and it’s own dark secrets. Are you ready to adventure in this Wildspace backwater?


Cultures of the Phoenix Nebula:

Anubians (jackal headed gnoll-like humanoids) living as 1st Dynasty Egypt

Astral Elves under the rulership of a young prince as a colony on a moon

Astral Spiders are intelligent, gigantic 2000 ft long spiders living in asteroid clusters

Drow as new arrivals living inside a massive geode within an Astral Spider nest

Free Wildspace Pirates with their own port and planet

Olmec Confederacy, 4 moons of gas giant with Olmec, Mayan, Aztec and Chacoan

Shogunate of Sorashima on a destroyed world of floating islands (feudal Japan-like)

Sahuagin colony on a frozen water world


Arcane Armada is available in PDF & now in print at Dungeon Masters Guild