5D Podcast: Black Lives Matter 5DNEWS, Space Force, The Last Days of American Crime & Tomboy.

In this weeks episode in the 5DNEWS SECTION we discuss how the seismic Black Lives Matter protests have impacted on pop culture in the past few days. It was important to us that we  want it so seem that we were in some way cynically trying to attach the podcast to the BLM movement in order to get a few more ‘clicks’. So we thought for a while about how best to show in some way our support. We came to the conclusion that this was just one way we could help highlight and contribute what we believe to be one of the most important issues of our times.

Elsewhere in the episode we talk about the how much we enjoyed Steve Carrell’s new series, Space Force, which includes a tour de force (see what I did there?…..er, what, no?) from John Malkovitch).

We finish off with some talk about how we didn’t quite ‘enjoy’ as much two movies to feature recently on Netflix…..the bonkers ‘Tomboy’ featuring Michelle Rodriguez and the mind-bogglingly illogical ‘The Last Days of American Crime’.

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