Independent Film, “The Ant Hill,” finds its BELLIBONE…


Set in the near future San Fernando Valley, in the throws of America’s Second Civil War, the story begins in a prison and takes place all in one day. We follow the main character, BELLIBONE, through the “Free Land” on her journey up the hill.

The Ant Hill program allows inmates to receive limited amounts of “free time” in exchange for their weight brought back in water. Most inmates use this time to do drugs, fornicate, read, watch movies, etc. Bellibone’s reason remains a secret to her and the audience, until it is revealed in the final scene.  


LOS ANGELES – Newly formed Media &Film Production company, RynoRyder Media, have announced that Abigail Richie will star in their up-coming feature, The Ant Hill, written and directed by Ryan McCoy.  Abigail previously collaborated with Ryan on the found-footage film, Evidence, back in 2012.


This story shows everything I feel about America today, and does so under the guise of a well-told and entertaining story.” Ryan says of the film he also has a role in.  “I want the audience to experience the same level of enjoyment as I did from the action films of the late 80s and early 90s.  This film, although only working on a five-figure budget, plans to deliver as a throwback to that era.” 

Along with Abigail, RRM has also cast newcomer, Chelsea Pooran, in one of the supporting roles.

Filming is set to begin September 14th in Lancaster, California.  Ryan also has a YouTube channel where he posts a weekly vlog, documenting the progress of the company that was launched only earlier this year.

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