5D Podcast: A little CNN obsession, Wizard World + some of our favourite TV & movie U.S Presidents

The 5DNEWS is split into two distinct parts this week with first being 5D’s involvement the Wizard World online expo currently happening.This Friday I will be representing 5D on the Starship Trooper re-watch panel. Wizard World and myself will be attending the 45 minute event, where they’ll be sharing a number of clips clips from the panel and we nerd out over our love for the characters and the film/series. Of course I will no doubt shy away from talking about anything 5D related or even, perish the thought, talking about myself…… after all, that would be far too shallow of me…..wouldn’t it?!

The 2nd part of the news is taken up with an account of the two host’s obsession in the last week with the coverage from CNN on the recent (and for some reason, ongoing) U.S Presidential election. I want John King to appear on this podcast!

It’s still all about the U.S Presidents this week in the main section as your hosts Stuart and Zack share their five favourite movies or TV shows featuring a U.S President. And yes, one of co-host Zack’s choices will certainly not be going quietly into the night…….see what I did there? Ok, I’ll get my coat.

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