Delta Green RPG: Operation Alice – Session 2


Just before we begin I’d like to give thanks and appreciation to the good folks at R&S Dyga, who supply the location for our sessions. This remarkable Fraserburgh shop here in the north east of Scotland recently celebrated its 65th birthday. What began as a traditional newsagents has adapted and morphed into a location which now focuses on experiences and events – stocking local giftware, takeaway coffee, cards, stationery, toys, and local books. However, even more exciting for this here nerd, they host a range of gaming nights each week including board games, roleplaying games and wargaming.

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Delta Green: Operation Alice**

**Session 2 – Friday, 28th June 2024**

**Case File: Disappearance of Abigail Wright**

**Field Notes:**

**Agents Involved:**  

– Agent Militia

– Agent Murdoch

– Agent Marvin


**Pre-Operation Incident:**

*Outside the group’s hotel, a tense and personal encounter unfolds. Agent Militia is confronted by his younger brother, Thomas, who has tracked him down seeking help. Thomas, accused of cheating at school, desperately wants Militia to ‘sort out’ his teacher and convince them it was talent, not dishonesty, that led to his high scores. Militia is disturbed by how easily he was found. Thomas reveals he saw Militia on local TV, where investigative reporter Enrico Save had confronted them during Operation Last Equation. Save had spread a fabricated story about Militia’s involvement in the death of Pablo Escobar in exchange for tracking Militia’s location.*

Agent Militia: “I’ll call the school in the morning… if I remember.”

**Operation Report:**

**1000 Hours – Macallister Building:**

*Agents Militia, Murdoch, and Marvin rendezvous with NYPD Detective Grant at the Macallister Building. Grant provides preliminary information about Abigail Wright and the enigmatic building.*

Detective Grant: “I’ve never seen anything like this shit,” he says, indicating a makeshift shrine in her apartment.

*The agents survey the foyer, noting mailboxes for five tenants, a telephone, and stacks of Yellow Pages and other phone books.*

**1000 Hours – Abigail Wright’s Apartment:**

*The agents commence a detailed examination of the extensive evidence in Abigail’s room. Key items include:*

**Airline Ticket:** In Michael Witwer’s name, dated 20 years in the future.

**Hotel Broadalbin Letterhead:** A map accompanying it adds to the confusion.

**Sign of the Yellow King:** Murdoch’s eyes narrow at the familiar and foreboding symbol.



**1030 Hours – Foyer:**

*Agent Marvin searches the phone books for any mention of the Hotel Broadalbin or Michael Witwer. The hotel is unlisted. A Bureaucracy roll reveals Michael Witwer as a 15-year-old from Lansing, Michigan.*

*While flipping through a phone book, Marvin discovers a page featuring names of the tenants in a play. He heads back to Abigail’s apartment to inform the team but is distracted by an eerie sound from the floor above—a ball bouncing, followed by footsteps. Investigating further, the sounds lead him to the roof.*

**1100Hours – Roof:**

*Marvin scans the area from the roof and notices a stranger across the street, intently watching the Macallister Building. He returns to the apartment to brief the others.*

**1130 Hours – Abigail’s Apartment:**

*Agent Marvin shares the discovery of the play’s cast list, recognizing several familiar names. The agents then uncover a microphone and cable leading from Abigail’s apartment to Thomas Manuel’s residence.*



**1200 Hours – Interview with Thomas Manuel:**

*Manuel appears genuinely perplexed by the microphone setup. He seems unaware of Abigail’s disappearance, describing her as a ‘free spirit’ who has ‘moved upstairs.’*

*Upon questioning about his art, Manuel mentions Mr. Castaigne, the night manager, who allows him to work in the basement. The agents find a box of unlabeled cassettes in Manuel’s cupboard. Playing them reveals ambient sounds, which contrasts with Manuel’s calm, pleasant demeanor. Asked why he’s listening to static, he replies “What do you mean, can’t you hear it? It’s beautiful. But different for everybody.*

**1215Hours – Strange Findings:**

*The agents discover food in Manuel’s fridge that, despite being well past its expiration date, appears fresh.*

*The evidence increasingly suggests a temporal anomaly. The agents’ notes become a patchwork of inconsistencies and eerie clues, pointing toward an unfathomable truth lurking within the Macallister Building.*




*The agents are now convinced that they are dealing with elements beyond conventional understanding. The threads of reality begin to unravel as they confront the possibility of time manipulation and otherworldly influences.*

**[Delta Green Operational Command]** 


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