Ep 141: 5D Pop Culture Podcast – Are you not enraged?

In the 5DNEWS there’s a belated chat (due to the ‘no episode’ last week) about Stuart nerding out to the NASA Perseverance Mars landing a week or so ago. There’s also news about the recent updates to 5D website, which include a newly added sports section as well as a new Dungeons & Dragons section for the upcoming adventures of The Black Table! Yes that’s correct – I will soon be re-entering the world of D & D….. be warned!

Zack brings things more up to date with some Spider-Man talk and the fall-out from the release of the Mortal Kombat trailer…….& apparently some fans are a little upset about the non-appearance of a certain titular character.

If that wasn’t enough co-host Zack has more news of his new 3D modelling YouTube channel and website  – the links for which can be found here:





In the main section of the show there is an abundance of love for Ep8 of WandaVision as well as a review of sorts from the 2018 movie, Hotel Artemis – and incidentally a film that sounded familiar when it was suggested by co-host Zack that we watch it for this week’s episode. It turns out that the reason for the familiarity was that some mins into it I realised I had indeed seen it before…..but for the life of me couldn’t remember how it ended and so had to watch it all again.

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