Guardian – the Indiegogo campaign launches 20th Oct!

In the 5D Podcast this week we featured news about a new Sci-Fi film project from Germany, Guardian. The podcast episode was supported by East End Film GmbH. 

East End Film pursues the goal of offering viewers emotional content while intellectually Challenging and inspiring the audience.

Founded in 2011, this young and ambitious production company is based in Stuttgart, Germany – the goal, to develop an emotional avenue of topics which are of social relevance. With the aim to enchant and inform people at the same time they have brought to life several such projects. Their expertise extends from feature filmmaking to serial production while simultaneously building a strong network of filmmakers and content creators. 

GUARDIAN is one of East End’s current projects. The film is a Sci-Fi short, taking place on a space station and deals with the connection between a mother and the artificial intelligence E.L.I. The company’s mission is to produce a web series, for which the pilot has already been shot. 



An artificial intelligence named E.L.I controls the space station Guardian. This is a launching platform for an OMEGA bomb, which can destroy half of the planet with its explosive force. When the bomb launch is activated by a secret command, two technicians – Colton and Bell – work together to stop the process, and must find a way to trick E.L.I. 

What makes a human a human? What is it that distinguishes us from clever machines? Director Amir Reichart attempts to unfold these questions in his science-fiction short film “Guardian”.



Now the team are currently in a hot phase of post production and with your help it can be finished in the next few months. Have a look at their Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign which launches today! This is your opportunity to be part of something special – the Indiegogo page can be found at


Of course, any crowdfunding project worth it’s salt must have a collection of tasty incentives and the one for Guardian is no exception. You can start at the lowest level of ‘Maintenance Crew’ for 5 Euros – this gets you regular updates about the project’s status.

Through the various other levels you may find 50 Euros for the ‘Mission Specialist’ perk where you get your eager little hands on an official film poster as well as offers for the previously levels including your name on the credits, behind the scenes video and a link to the film.

The higher end perks are incredible, with 1000 Euros for the ‘Weapon system specialist’ getting you a supporting producer credit, an invitation to the team premier, a live stream Q & A with the filmmakers and much, much more! Take a look on the Indiegogo page for a fuller detailed picture.

You can find our much more about East End Film and the Guardian production at their website at

There is also a chance to get involved in the Guardian community by checking out their official Facebook page at and their Instagram account at


If you want to listen (and why wouldn’t you?) to the 5D podcast in which we discuss a few things Guardian related then click on any of the YouTube, iTunes or Spotify links on this site.