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October 21st was supposed to be the crowning horror fest as Northern Frights’ Horror Con Scotland came to the spine-tingling Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen. It’s the horror event we’d been waiting for here in the north east of Scotland, and it promised to be a day of pure, unadulterated horror ecstasy.

Months of planning saw Aberdeen Horror Con bringing in a star-studded cast of horror legends from the classic Hellraiser movie as well as a host of names from an assortment of terror tales. Autographs, photos, and spine-tingling stories were all on the menu.

Also included were the range of vendor crypts, a treasure trove of all things spooky and supernatural. From eerie collectibles to gruesome apparel, you could find everything your horror-loving heart desires.

If all that wasn’t enough, there was Live Terror: Q&A’s….Horror burlesque – Roxi Kixx and Kim Khaos….Entertainment from Verity Power….Sideshow performances from the Gore Girlz….Cosplay Masquerade….Sleepy – Drag Performance….Cosplay contest….A horror quiz….The Elvis Dead:The story of the Evil Dead told through Elvis songs!



It seems that a certain storm Babet had other plans a it brought weather chaos to Scotland, and then the rest of the UK as amber and red weather warnings were broadcast. Property, roads, livelihoods and lives were ransacked by the elements – so much so that attendance at the event (including yours truly) was hit hard. And with it, months of planning and cost.

Consequently, the events organisers have put out a request for assistance. In these already challenging times any help would be gratefully appreciated.


A message from Northern Frights

Greetings, Mortals and Magical Beings,

I am the Highland Hag, the mystical guardian of Northern Frights, a realm of wonder and enchantment nestled in the heart of Aberdeen. For eons, I’ve woven spells of joy and connection, bringing to life events that sparkle with the magic of community and shared experiences.

Alas, a wicked storm, as fierce and untamed as a dragon’s wrath, swept through our lands, leaving chaos and despair in its wake. My cauldrons of fun and festivities were overturned, and my potions of prosperity spilled and wasted.



The Calamity at Hand

Despite my most potent spells, the storm raged on, and our grand gathering was ravaged. Entertainers vanished into the tempest, patrons were scattered to the winds, and my treasure trove of gold and glimmer was depleted.

For more than a full turn of the seasons, I had been brewing and concocting for this fateful day, only to see it crumble like a castle of cards in a gust of wind. My heart, as ancient and withered as it may be, ached for those who braved the storm and stood by my side.


A Call to the Brave and the Bold

Now, I turn to you, brave souls and kindred spirits, to lend your aid in our hour of need. Northern Frights, a sanctuary of dreams and delights, is on the brink of vanishing into the mists of time. We require golden coins to mend what’s broken and ensure our realm stays alive and thriving.

Every coin, no matter how small, will help weave a new spell of revival and resilience.



Enchanted Rewards for Your Generosity

Fear not, for your generosity shall not go unrewarded! Here’s what awaits those who dare to contribute:

£10: A bewitched thank-you on the Northern Frights Thank You Page

£20: One of our exclusive Northern Frights art prints, sent straight to your door (UK only)

£50: A personalised, hand-written letter and a mystic photo from yours truly, the Highland Hag

£100: A mystery box filled to the brim with wonders and delights, curated personally by me


A Note for Those Who Wish to Contribute in Other Ways:

Should you wish to support our magical realm in with more money and would like to discuss other rewards, or ways beyond golden coins, your noble intentions are more than welcome. Please get in touch directly, and together, we can discuss a myriad of enchanting possibilities to keep the magic alive.


A Witch’s Farewell

In times of turmoil and trouble, the power of community shines the brightest. Northern Frights is more than a realm of events; it is a circle of kinship, a gathering of hearts, and a beacon of joy. With a sprinkle of your kindness and a dash of your support, we can dispel the storm’s curse and continue to create magic for all.

Thank you, noble supporters, for standing with us. Until our paths cross again, may your days be bright, and your nights filled with stardust.

With Gratitude and a Cackle,
The Highland Hag


You can find the crowdfunding link RIGHT HERE



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