[Roll20] Pendragon: Core Rulebook

It is the age of Pendragon! What kind of Knight will you become?

Will you fight to rid the world of injustice, or use clout and power to take advantage of those beneath you?


What’s Inside?

Pendragon is set amidst the glory and grandeur of King Arthur’s Britain. Its innovative mechanics drive the emotional impact of play as your characters pursue Glory, overcome life-and-death struggles, cross blades with ruthless enemies, and fight for love and justice in a world of brutal medieval realism.


The Core Pendragon Experience

The Pendragon: Core Rulebook contains everything you need to begin an epic adventure in King Arthur’s Britain. It covers the complete core rules of the Pendragon game system, including Traits and Passions, Skills, combat, injury and recovery, Glory, Favours, Honour and Glory.


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A Setting Guide

The Pendragon: Core Rulebook serves as a guide to the world of Arthurian fantasy. The book includes a detailed look at England as it was in the time of King Arthur, the fantastical elements of the legendary setting, as well as the role of knights and nobility.

The Passage of Time

Pendragon campaigns are generational: you will grow old, you may marry, you may have children, and when you die (by the sword or the slow decay of time), you resume play as your heir! The Pendragon: Core Rulebookcontains rules for The Winter Phase—the downtime period of the game for characters to train, age, and even go on side quests.

Additional Features

The book includes a myriad of additional features, including 6 pre-generated character templates for optional, faster character creation, special rules for Afflictions, Obsessions, Directed Traits, Ideals, and ransoms, a full medieval equipment list, and a Coat of Arms generator to make wholly unique heraldry for your Player-knight.



Roll20 Enhancements:

All maps, art, multi-sided tokens, tables, and character sheets fully integrated and ready for the virtual tabletop.

Pendragon Core Rulebook Compendium (rules for creating Player-knights and playing Pendragon).

Pendragon Core Rulebook Addon (6 pre-generated Player-knights, tokens, maps and dozens of tables ready to roll).


System: Pendragon 6th Edition
Installation: 1 Compendium + 1 Addon


Accessing your content


The Pendragon Core Rulebook Addon is presented as an Addon in this product, available via a dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select Pendragon Core Rulebook and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop down menu.



You can access the Pendragon Core Rulebook Compendium content in the in-app compendium, as well as on the Roll20 web compendium.


[Roll20] Pendragon: Core Rulebook is available now here at DriveThruRPG


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