TEMPLA ILLUMINATUS: Guide to Temple Archetypes, Priesthoods & Shrines

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The Keeper’s Guide to Temple Archetypes, Priesthoods and Shrines

So Much More Than Holy Water and Incense…

From the author of Anthenaeum Illuminatus.


Religious sites are complex entities with deep roots in history and society. They have many features to take inspiration from, including architecture, politics, rituals and clergy. There are a vast number of investigation possibilities lurking just beneath their ornately carved or crumbling surfaces.


 The lore of sacred places from around the world provides source material for priesthoods, gods, temples, and preternatural powers which have been one of the cornerstones of fantasy RPG since its beginning. Considering the central role temples or their equivalent played in civilizations on Earth, they rarely get the attention deserved in many  investigation settings. Portrayals often limit a temple’s contribution to the building where a cult or their otherworldly god-presence lurks within. Temples are much more than an address where evil cults or divine orders get their mail delivered.



Inside this 112-page guide you will find:

9 profiles detailing Temple archetypes and their detailed characteristics including history, architecture, construction and clergy.

6 profiles detailing various types of Shrines and their characteristics.

11 tables to quickly generate random temples or aid in detailed design.  

7 playable scenarios designed to illustrate how to make temples an integral part of investigations.

3 unique creatures created for the sample scenarios.

100+ entries in the Appendix listing gods and saints associated with various temple types.

24 maps provided in the included payer handout document.

28 portraits for NPC and Creatures from the sample scenarios also provided in the included payer handout document.


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