Do you want to sponsor the 5D Podcast?

The hard sell bit……

Hi all!

Apologies for bothering you with a completely blatant self-promotion –  I won’t make a habit of this! But would any of you wonderful individuals, company’s, organisations be interested in sponsoring the 5D Podcast?

The 5D Podcast each week features Stuart & Zack, our concept is simply to have a little fun, not take ourselves too seriously and chat about things sci-fi, fantasy and horror related. 

Each episode of around 40 mins takes in each week any number of our individual obsessions; including some regular references to The Walking Dead, Star Wars, the Marvel & DC universe’s, gaming as well as musing on anything that catches our geeky interest. 

In addition, Stuart is a long-term supporter of independent productions, many of which are promoted in the 5D podcast and website.

The Podcast is now reaching each week around the world. It is available on;







The 5D website (where many of the above sources have a direct link).

The 5D Website ( features blogs, news, videos and more. In the past few years we have gained numerous contacts with creative individuals in the film, TV and comic industries. This has manifested in interviews (video, audio & email), collaborations and a plethora of other ventures. The website gaines in the region of 100,000 visits per year and has gained a reputation for supporting and promoting all manner of creative individuals around the world.

What you can get from this……

If you were willing to sponsor our Podcast we could offer you the following; 

  • clickable promotion on the 5d website and all our social media channels
  • In Podcast mentions in pre-roll, post-roll and/or mid-roll
  • mentions in show notes and website blog post
  • Your logo & info prominently displayed on a separate ‘Sponsored by’ page on the website.
  • Our passion and personality in the sponsor reads/promotion

We would be happy to discuss fee’s/options etc if you are interested in pursuing the venture with us. Just send us a message here on the contact page and we’ll take it from there…..

Many thanks


For a flavour of what the 5D Podcast is, check out out latest episode on the Podcast page here on the website – there are links to our ITunes, Spotify & YouTube accounts.