Delta Green RPG: Operation Alice


Welcome to session 1 of the new Delta Green operation for our group of Delta Green newbies. The group so far have played two separate operations (Last Things Last and The Last Equation) and I’m confident that they enjoyed the experience despite my worst intentions as Handler. So now we begin the greatest campaign from the greatest RPG ever………which is good because the King awaits……


Just before we begin I’d like to give thanks and appreciation to the good folks at R&S Dyga, who supply the location for our sessions. This remarkable Fraserburgh shop here in the north east of Scotland recently celebrated its 65th birthday. What began as a traditional newsagents has adapted and morphed into a location which now focuses on experiences and events – stocking local giftware, takeaway coffee, cards, stationery, toys, and local books. However, even more exciting for this here nerd, they host a range of gaming nights each week including board games, roleplaying games and wargaming.

You can find out more from their Facebook page at: R & S Dyga

The original advert for the sessions……places now full!

**[Briefing Notes]**

**Agents Involved:**  

– Agent Murdoch

– Agent Marvin

– Agent Militia

**Previous Operation:** IAPETUS

**Recovered Assets:** $22,928  

**Location:** New York City

**Objective:** Investigate the disappearance of Abigail Wright. Establish contact with Agent Marcus for further intelligence.

**[Operational Report]**

**Timestamp: 1400 Hours**

Agents Murdoch, Marvin, and Militia, following an unorthodox decision, have retained funds from The Last Equation. The exact ramifications of this choice remain undetermined, but the agents are proceeding following an order from their previous case officer.

Agent Marcus

**Phase One: Contact at Washington Park**

Agents arrive at Washington Park to rendezvous with Agent Marcus. Marcus exhibits signs of severe anxiety: frequent fidgeting, darting glances, and an overall heightened state of alertness.

Agent Marcus: “Abigail Wright… she’s disappeared. Completely off the grid. There are rumours of an occult symbol found in her apartment”.

Murdoch’s attention diverts as he observes an anomalous figure—a clown, dancing at the periphery of his vision. The clown’s gestures appear deliberate and significant.



Agent Murdoch (Alertness Check): Success. Recognition of the sign made by the clown—The Yellow King. 

(Sanity Check: Failed. Gain 1 corruption point.)

Agent Murdoch: “Do you see that? The clown. We’re being watched.”

Agents Marvin and Militia: No visual confirmation of the clown or any surveillance.

Murdoch’s sudden outburst about being compromised increases tension. Marcus, unnerved, suggests a fallback plan.

Agent Marcus panics: “I’ll leave the briefcase at ‘Off the Wagon’ bar. Meet me there.”

**Phase Two: Recon at Off the Wagon Bar**

Agents proceed to ‘Off the Wagon’ bar. They are greeted by John Giles, the manager. His demeanor is overly friendly, triggering suspicion among the agents.

John Giles: “Agents, welcome. Here’s the briefcase and your room keys.”

Despite receiving the items, the agents remain skeptical of Giles’s intentions.

**Phase Three: Examination of Materials**

Agents gather in the assigned room, where they meticulously review the contents of the briefcase:

– Photograph of Abigail Wright

– Newspaper clipping regarding her disappearance

– FBI identification badges

– Sparse case notes detailing limited progress and leads

The Evidence board begins to be populated……..

**Phase Four: Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance**

While analyzing the briefcase contents, Agents Marvin and Militia notice an individual lurking down the street, seemingly observing the bar.

Agent Militia initiates a stealth approach to ascertain the observer’s intent. The figure notices and begins to follow Militia.

**Climax: Revelation**

Agent Militia confronts the stalker, preparing for a potential hostile encounter. As he draws his weapon, the figure steps into the light—revealing himself as Militia’s younger brother (and Delta Green Bond)

Agent Militia: “What the hell are you doing here?”

Militia’s brother: “We need to talk. I’m in trouble”.



**Operational Notes:**

The agents are now entangled in a web of personal and professional intrigue, with ties to an esoteric threat symbolized by an ‘other’’, an ‘unnatural’. The integrity of the mission is already compromised by internal and external pressures. Further psychological evaluation and strategic planning are recommended.

**End of Report**

**[Delta Green Operational Command]**  

*Trust No One. Fear the Unknown. Confront the Unthinkable.*


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