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The ultimate D&D 2024 Core Rulebook bundle provides you access to the D&D Player’s Handbook (Sept 17, 2024), D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide (Nov 12, 2024), and the D&D Monster Manual (Feb 18, 2025).


The Roll20 edition of the D&D Core Rulebooks by Wizards of the Coast provides everything you need to play in-person and online. It includes the complete digital rulebooks, character sheet and builder, digital play aids, and token packs. All products are fully compatible with all previous fifth edition content.


A Seamless D&D Reading Experience

Reading and searching the D&D Core Rulebooks has never been easier. The complete books are beautifully laid out and available wherever you are. You’ll be able to:

Read the full rulebooks front to back in the VTT, on the web, and on mobile devices.

Share the book with your group.

Drag & Drop rules, handouts, and art directly into your game.

Instantly Search the specific rules you need.



A Best in Class D&D Character Sheet & Builder

Unlock the full power of the Roll20 D&D Character Sheet and Builder with the Player’s Handbook! You’ll be able to:

Build Characters quickly using all the new character options, available to you and your players.

Drag & Drop equipment and spells directly onto your character sheet, populating instantly with essential information such as item weight and spell details.

Jump between VTT and in-person play, with character sheets that sync between VTT and web.


D&D Monsters at your Fingertips

Be ready for any encounter, with the ability to drop any monster onto the map without any setup! You’ll be able to:

Drag & Drop monsters onto a battlemap to instantly clash with players, including fan-favorites like the mimic, ancient red dragon, and beholder.

One click attacks and abilities to help you keep the focus on the action.

Easily search lore and stat blocks on the web and in the VTT.


Exclusive Roll20 Pre-order Bonus!

Pre-order on Roll20 to instantly unlock the best-selling Monster Manual Expanded by Dragonix for free and unleash over 470 new creatures into your VTT games!


PRE-ORDER D&D 2024 CORE | Roll20 [BUNDLE] is available here at Dungeon Masters Guild


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