Metroplex – the Kickstarter campaign for the SciFi short concept film

I know it’s not like me to blow my own trumpet (easy, tiger!) but I’ve mentioned before how lucky and happy we are here at 5D HQ to be the recipients of numerous requests to help promote all types of creative work. The only problem (albeit a nice one) is that due to time constraints (such as having to sleep, eat, shower, etc etc) we simply cannot accommodate every request that comes our way. Therefore, it stands to reason that the request has to involve a subject matter that instantly floats ones boat, as it were – and earlier today one very such request flew into my email inbox.

The message came from Liam Garvo, which read thusly………

“Hi 5D!

I recently produced the SciFi feature film The Fitzroy which is set for release later this year.


I’m now running a Kickstarter campaign to make a proof of concept for a film I will be directing called METROPLEX. The campaign page gives an overview of the project, story and has a number of pieces of concept art if you want to have a look.


If I can share anything further with you, do let me know.


Thank you for your consideration.

As you will have readily assumed due to the fact that I am actually writing about the said project that I was indeed very interested in this project – so much so that besides sending your way a little information on the project and its Kickstarter campaign, there’s also a short interview with Liam himself. If that wasn’t enough, Liam has also kindly offered up one of the campaign perks as a 5D Competition prize.

The concept of Metroplex is as follows;

Set in 2050, the world is co-inhabited by humans, trolls, elves, dwarves, and dragons. Official governments no longer exist, instead laws are enforced by mega corporations through private security forces. Large sprawling cities called METROPLEX’S are divided into autonomous districts, each self-governing and at odds with one another. 


The film centres around Avin Sull, a hardened career criminal that leads a team of mercenaries on a heist to steal the CODEX, a mysterious virtual book buried deep inside the Disconnect, a digital world representing all that is left of the shattered remains of the internet and fiercely controlled by virtual and real armed guards. Betrayed by Yamada Kitashiano, a lawyer to the Yoko-gumi Yukuza clan, who initially gave them the job, they must now all fight to stay alive at all costs.

The film is intended to be a 10 min live action short which will act as a stand alone high-octane piece of entertainment but also act as a proof of concept for a feature film that will hopefully spark interest in getting the project off the ground. It’s highly ambitious and that’s why Liam and his crew are HERE on Kickstarter to prove that there is an audience out there that wants to see films like this get made. If you click on the Kickstarter link you’ll see not only a hugely detailed background to the film, but also information on the amazing talent that is affiliated to the project – to say that they’ve been connected to some MAJOR works would be something of a catastrophic understatement! If you wish to contribute to the campaign you need to do so quickly as there are just 5 days to go!

If all that wasn’t enough we were delighted to announce that the makers of Metroplex offered up one of their fabulous Kickstarter perks as a 5D competition prize! The competition is now closed and the lucky winner will be advised soon.

I would highly recommend visiting the Metroplex Kickstarter page if you feel so inclined, please do that crowdfunding support thing that you do so well!



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